Timisoara (Romania)

Timisoara is the capital city of Timis County, and the main social, economic and cultural centre in western Romania. The third most populous city in the country, with around 320.000 inhabitants Timișoara is the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat. In September 2016, Timișoara was selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2021.

In Romania, the local public authorities are the Local Council, which is the deliberative public authority, and the Mayor, who is the executive public authority. By exercising its competencies, the Local Council ensures the necessary framework for providing the public services of local interest in the following main fields of activity: education, health, culture, sport, public order, civil protection, environment protection, water supply and sewage, waste management, sanitation, heating, public lighting, public transport, social assistance and local development. Timişoara has significant experience in international cooperation and participative democracy. In the last five years the EU and local engagement & the participative democracy represent a local priority. Timisoara has 23 Advisory Councils (1 for youth affairs), through which the City hall has a permanent dialogue with civil society.

Throuth these 23 advisory councils, the Municipality of Timişoara can always stay in contact with the local civil society and the interest groups, having or not legal personality, involved into the city’s civic life. One of the most actives is the Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (ACYA), without legal personality, established by the Decision of the Local Council no. 243/23.04.2013 and Decision of the Local Council no. 326/26.06.2014,which  is closely collaborating with Timişoara City Hall.

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